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Quality Rook Cards That Last

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Over the course of the last 5 years, we at plastic rook cards have been actively searching for great quality rook cards that last longer than a few times playing. We were only introduced to rook about 10 years ago, but even within the past 10 years, it seems like the quality of the rook cards continues to go down. In our search for better quality, we wanted to let you know what we have found as of March, 2013.

So far, nothing has changed from our previous postings with Plastic Rook Cards. The number one high quality rook card company is 57 cards. They have been producing very good rook alternative cards that really feel smooth for many years.

It seems as though Hasbro will not make any changes to their current strategy. They seem to continue to keep low quality rook cards coming out, which leaves people who love the game of rook at a loss.

Not only are there a lot of people that play rook missing out on some good quality decks, but there are a number of other games people actually play with a rook deck. It always surprises me how popular the rook cards have become even with such poor quality in the recent decks.

If you were lucky enough to get some of the vintage rook decks form the 1960s and 70s, hang on to those puppies. It certainly doesn't seem like Hasbro is making any changes that will make their new decks of any better quality.