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Regular Rook Playing Cards vs Plastic Rook Cards

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So if you are a little unsure about the difference between regular rook cards that you buy in the store and the possiblity of using fully plastic rook cards, lets try and demonstrate a bit of the difference.

Regular Rook Cards

First, lets take a look at the regular rook cards you buy in a store. When you first get these cards and open them from the box, you might think - man, these cards are nice! I bet they are fully plastic. After all, they feel sleek like they have plastic on them, maybe they are the plastic cards people are looking for? Maybe they have changed to making them now?

The answer to this is, wait until the third time you play with these cards. You will notice that the edges begin to fray. The plastic feeling you first notice quickly wears off and you feel that these cards are merely paper, with a bit of plastic coating. Yes, that is exactly what they are, plastic coated paper cards.

The Difference Between the Two

The difference between these regular rook cards and fully plastic rook cards would be that fully plastic would feel like plastic the first day you play with them, the third day you play with them, even the one-hundred and third day you play with them. Yes, they would not wear out. For this reason, it makes complete sense that purchasing plastic rook playing cards would be the ideal option for someone playing rook more than 3 times. Hope Hasbro is listening! Put out some nice plastic rook playing cards!