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New 57 Card Deck

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By admin - Posted on 03 November 2010

New Update 1/5/2012:
57 Cards had a new version of their deck released. There are some nice enhancements including a darker yellow, updated back of deck, new deck holding box, and decreased card size. All of these changes have been greatly welcomed and really make for a fantastic plastic deck of cards! I hope they have continued success as Hasbro drops the ball on this one.

We have recently received a new deck of plastic rook cards from our friends at 57 cards and were excited to see that they have really done a good job imitating a regular rook deck. The boxes around the number and the colors are all very close to what you would purchase from a normal rook deck of cards. If you haven't ordered your deck yet, they currently still have their decks on discount, so I would suggest placing your order as soon as possible as the normal pricing is going to kick in.

Just a side note: this deck is definitely worth $18.99, but being that they are on sale for $15.99 right now, it is a great bargain!