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Buying rook cards in bulk

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By admin - Posted on 03 February 2011

It seems like as soon as one of rook decks is opened, the cards are already just waiting to be left in a drawer somewhere due to poor quality or getting sticky. We constantly find ourselves needing to go out and buy a new deck of rook cards. The first thought that comes to our mind is, why not buy rook cards in bulk? Is there any place that sells rook cards in bulk?

It turns out that we were not able to find any place that sells a regular rook deck in bulk. However, if you are willing to purchase the 57 card deck we have referred to in the past, you will not need to purchase multiple decks. We have been playing with these cards for many times for over 4 months now and have yet to see the cards deteriorate in any way.

In fact, 57 cards also offers bulk ordering of their decks, though you may not need more than two for your household. We have been so happy with our finding of 57 cards that we have almost given up on the actual possibility that Hasbro will ever create their own deck of plastic rook cards in the future. Thanks 57 cards for once again taking care of our need to ever want to buy rook cards in bulk again!