Plastic Rook Cards

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If you are looking for a deck of plastic rook cards, you will be delighted to know that we are the premier source for locating decks of plastic rook cards available to buy. Although we do not sell any plastic rook cards ourselves, we are simply here to locate places to find the high quality decks of 57 cards.

Places to Buy

Quite simply, we have only found one place that offers a complete deck of plastic cards that are perfect for playing rook. It appears that due to contractual issue, the company is unable to refer to rook in any manner, but the high quality, fully plastic deck provided by 57 Cards is perfect for those looking to have a rook-like deck of fully plastic cards (you will simply have to suffer through the fact that the words "Rook" do not appear on the cards).

Our reason for being here
Too many times have we been playing rook and had a couple of the rook cards get bent or scratched. Too many times have the decks began to stick together after only a few times playing. We are simply tired of being forced to head back to target, walmart, even purchasing on Amazon a new pack of rook cards for $7.99 that simply do not last long and loose the crisp feeling that new cards have after one usage.

There are many places to buy a regular deck of full plastic cards. But for Rook, for some reason this is much more difficult to locate.

We are continuing to hope that Parker Brother or Hasbro or the current owners of Rook will put out a fully plastic deck of Rook cards, but in the mean time, we are happy to say that 57 Cards has filled our void for the time being!

Go here to buy a regular deck of Rook Playing cards.
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Status last updated October 2010.